Yet you want to do something for the less privileged children of our country from where you are.

We are looking for students who can contribute time and skills as a volunteer. It will be of great help even if you volunteer for only one day a week. We need volunteers (every now and then) to handle events, promote our work, communicate with donors, carry out research, provide technical support (computer/ web related skills) etc. Volunteers are needed only to work for projects related with CARE. You need not be associated with the functioning of  MGOCSM Kottayam Diocese for the same.

As a volunteer, you could either work from our office or from your home itself.

As a volunteer, you are an integral part of our workforce, bringing expertise and experience to our work. You can apply to become a volunteer with your details and areas of interest. Based on your skills, interests and the needs of partner organisations, we will identify exciting projects for you to work on. Following this, you can help in Care projects in its execution,implementation and contribution towards major areas of concern and thus spread goodness around the world.


Download Volunteer Application Form