Don’t let your child skip school!

Kottayam Diocese MGOCSM  is opening up a platform for all well wishers and philanthropists to pray, encourage and support this small endeavour which aims to connect one sponsor with one deserving child. The contribution  of just Rs. 3000 per year can bring about a change in a child’s life. The contribution helps to cover all the educational expenses faced by the child during that academic year. The main focus would be on students studying in Governement schools and orphanages. Slection of students would be entirely based on the executive committee board.


I Like to Sponsor a child




About a 3000 rupees/year. This will use for meeting their educational needs. If the child need more amount exceeds our particulars and budget your sponsored child will write to you about their needs. You have complete freedom to decide it is need to provide extra amount or not
No. MGOCSM CARE Project serves the poorest of the poor without any discrimination on grounds of caste, creed, colour, gender or religion.
Child Sponsorship is the commitment you, as a sponsor, make to partner with the child and fulfilling their educational needs.
Sponsor a child project aims to promote lasting well-being of all children in the communities we serve. Our aim is to benefit and encourage every person in the child's community to become a strong and productive member, thus moving the whole community towards self-reliance. Your support will provide a child with opportunities to access their educational needs. This gives a chance for children to experience a normal, healthy and happy childhood.
You can sponsor a child as a long-term commitment, up to 10 years or more. You can sponsor the same child for as long as the project continues or as long as the child remains in the sponsorship programme. But MGOCSM receive fund in yearly basis. Sponsor have complete right to contunie or dropp your sponsorship on next renewal period.
Not really. Normally, school-going children are sponsored. However, you are free to request for a younger child. If there are specific requests from the sponsors, we try our best to comply with their wishes
When you become a sponsor, you will receive a kit containing a photo along with the personal details of the child and his or her family and also information about the community where he/she lives. Within a couple of months’ time, you will receive a letter from your sponsored child, we call this the introductory letter. You can also respond to this letter and establish a good rapport with your sponsored child. A year later, you will receive your sponsored child's annual progress report, which will have an update on the overall development of your sponsored child and community. The community newsletter and a greeting card will also be sent to you during the year. The child will also write back to you if you write to him or her.
Yes. You can sponsor as many children as you wish to. There are many children waiting for sponsorship.
Yes. You are most welcome to visit the child you sponsor and meet the whole family. A visit means you can also see how much we has been able to accomplish with your sponsorship support. A visit also makes your sponsorship more meaningful for you as well as your sponsored child. Ideally, it would be good if you wait for a period of six months and establish a rapport with the child you sponsor before planning a visit. Please send a written request to our email id at mgocsmkottayam@gmail.com at least 10 days in advance. We will be glad to organise a visit on any weekday avoiding weekends and National Holidays. We request all our child sponsors to meet thieir sponsored child in our office.. Please remember not to geotag the location when you visit your sponsored child.
You can certainly write to your sponsored child. In fact, we encourage our sponsors to write to their children so as to get to know them and their family better. Your sponsored child can also write to you. Many sponsors and sponsored children find this a rewarding experience. If the child is very young or does not know how to write, someone will probably help him/her to write or the project staff will write on their behalf.
Certainly! Children love to receive special gifts, and you can always enclose small, flat items with your cards and letters. Balloons, paper dolls, stickers, coloring or puzzle pages and picture postcards make wonderful gifts. You can also recognize birthdays, holidays or other special occasions and accomplishments in your child's life with a special monetary gift, which is not done within your direct correspondence with your child but through MGOCSM Kottayam Diocese, to ensure your child receives it safely
Any communication to your child should be addressed to MGOCSM Kottaym diocese, KMG Center, Kottyam, Keral.686001 For quick reference and easy processing, it is also important that you write your full name, the sponsored child's name and ID number either on the envelope or in the correspondence. We do not encourage sponsors to write directly to their sponsored children as the address of sponsors may fall into wrong hands and be misused.
We recognises that social media has brought new types and levels of risks to children. MGOCSM Kottayam Diocese cannot control the use of technology and social media, we strive to ensure that children and their families are protected from any potential physical or emotional abuse resulting from inappropriate and unsafe internet and social media use, including the sharing of private information about a child and their family. We encourage you to develop a meaningful relationship with your sponsored child in a way that is safe, secure and fulfilling for both of you. We also want to ensure that the content
May be. We mostly assigns only one sponsor per sponsored child. But if any chid facing vulnerable situations we assign dual sponsors for particular children according to the prior permission of concern sponsors sent to the child is appropriate and culturally sensitive. Because of this, we ask you, our sponsors, to not engage in direct, unmonitored communication with your sponsored child or family. This includes direct contact through the internet or social media (e.g. Facebook, Skype, etc.). Please note that MGOCSM Kottayam Diocese does not allow unplanned visits to your sponsored child's residence or community, under any circumstance.
May be. We mostly assigns only one sponsor per sponsored child. But if any chid facing vulnerable situations we assign dual sponsors for particular children according to the prior permission of concern sponsors